• 480F smoke point

    Frying? Airfrying? Grilling? Searing? Ditch the seed oils for high heat cooking. Ghee won't burn, oxidize, or lose nutritional value at higher temps. Oh, and your fire alarm won't go off.

  • Nourishes you

    Ghee contains the anti-inflammatory short chain fatty acid butyrate which supports gut health and helps your body absorb fat-soluble vitamins (A, D, E, K).

  • Elevates any meal

    Our process caramalizes the buttery milk solids at the bottom of the pot before straining them out. Enjoy the nutty + buttery aromas and nodes of pure ghee.

South asia's best kept secret

"The purest cooking oil on the planet"

Ghee is the golden liquid byproduct of removing milk solids and water from butterfat.

What's left? 100% pure fat (from responsibly raised cow dairy)

No casein (a protein found in milk), no lactose (a sugar found in milk), no GMOs, no seed oils. never mixed. not cold-pressed. Just the goodness of pure ghee, a centuries-old staple of South Asian cuisine now made in America.


How we ghee

Fresh because it's local

Our main ingredient is fresh, pasture-raised, grass-fed butter. Straight from local Midwest dairy farmers.

As soon as the butter reaches our door, we begin our process of hand making and hot-pouring each jar of ghee.

The butter we use to make ghee is never imported. Neither our core ingredient, nor our jar of Ghee has ever sat on a container ship in plastic jars for weeks before reaching you.

We're committed to making the freshest, purest, local cow Ghee in America.

Responsible from start to finish

We believe ghee is a sacred ingredient of warmth, love, and health.

That's why we only partner with farmers who are obsessed with happy, humane, and healthy treatment of cows.

Our farm partners raise cows on open pastures 365 days of the year with predominantly grass-fed diets. We don't say 100% because sometimes the cows graze on organic feed in severe winter temperatures, on their own will. They are never treated with rBST or GMO feed.

Happy moo's only here.

Our ghee is hot poured into BPA-free glass jars, never plastic.

After you've licked your jar of ghee clean, feel free to wash, dry, and re-use the jar for any DIY crafts or storage containers for spices, chia pudding, or...anything else!

We're committed to responsible dairy production & are committed to prioritizing planet responsibility.

No artificial anything

Gheewalla Ghee is...pure cow ghee. That's it.

We never mix any additional oils, flavorings of any kind, or preservatives to "adjust" the texture or flavor of ghee.

Lactose free

How can something made from dairy be lactose free? That's the beauty of ghee.

Our process is long. It requires patience and a huge "we care a lot about this" energy.

We slowly simmer the ghee until all the milk solids from our butter sink to the bottom of the pan before being removed.

Then, triple strain to ensure all dairy-containing particles are left out of the ghee.

Behind gheewalla:

A family who cares a lot

Our last name was quite literally Gheewalla before we immigrated to the States. Though our name changed, our admiration of a simple ingredient, a staple in our homeland that exudes love, warmth, and health stayed the same.

"I made this for you with pure Ghee," we say proudly. A love language that has been shared across the South Asian and Middle Eastern diaspora for centuries.

Now, our small family hopes Ghee brings joy to your cooking rituals, nourishes your health, and stays a symbol of care for every family in America.

- Munira & Alifya (P.S. say hi at team@gheewalla.co)